Are you 16 to 25 years old and you have no idea what you want to do for a career? Maybe you know what career you want but don’t know where to start. Are you a parent of someone who’s new to the workforce and you want to give them some direction? Malcolm will help you find the answers.

A 2019 study suggests the average American worker spends 900,000 hours at work during their lifetime. Therefore, what a person chooses to do for work and how they do it is of utmost importance to their well-being as well as the well-being of everyone around them. Through a series of assessments, solution-based and motivational interviewing, Malcolm will help you find the best career for you and the best way to achieve it.  Once that is ascertained, Malcolm will provide coaching and advising in the following areas:

    • Job search
    • Use of LinkedIn and other useful tools
    • Relationship Building (the #1 way to find work)
    • Procuring additional training (if needed)
    • Resume and cover letter writing
    • Interviewing Skills

Malcolm’s services don’t stop once you’ve found a job. He will continue to be a mentor while you are becoming accustomed to your job and continue on your chosen career path. Also, as a comedian, he can provide useful tips for adding professionally-appropriate humor to the job. How do you know if your on-the-job humor is appropriate? What if you attempt a joke and instead of laughter you get blank stares? Or what if you accidentally insult someone? How will you bounce back and not let this affect your job? Authenticity is key. By working with Malcolm and using his Find Your Funny Formula you will be able to handle these situations like the professional you are.

Effective public speaking and communication skills are essential in most jobs. As an expert communicator and trainer and long-time actor and public speaker, Malcolm can also provide thorough coaching in creating and presenting a speech for work.

Currently, we offer:

    • One-on-one sessions with Malcolm that address all aspects of work, from career-building to work search to on-the-job conduct.
    • (Coming soon) An online group course for youth to guide them in their career path.

Here’s the url to my Facebook group. It’s a group where you will find up-to-date ideas and suggestions to find, apply for, and keep the job, or career, of your dreams.

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During your session, we’ll assess how to best add humor and story to your business and increase your fan base ($125 value)

I met Malcolm at the “Resume Writing Essentials “ put on by the San Francisco Public Library. He later offered to help with my employment questions and resume review. Having worked at EDD’s multiple branches, his depth and breath of knowledge in unemployment claims filing, eligibility, and workforce services is extremely valuable in helping me gain EDD insights in today’s challenging employment environment. His genuine interest in serving his target community makes him a great partner to have on your side.

– Cassandra L

A must see!! I hope he comes our way. But would be worth going to Hawaii to see for my Birthday in January!!

– Georga A Linkous-Long

I had a great experience with Aloha Storytelling & Coaching

– Alicia R

Malcolm is a natural born coach. With his kindness, compassion, and great sense of humor, he helped me become more confident and expand my business. Malcolm helped me connect with potential new clients and existing clients in a deeper way, and even helped my confidence in my personal life as well!

– Rita S

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