Malcolm’s speeches fall into two categories: Career/ Business Development and Family. Not only are his speeches and training informative and entertaining, but his humor and authenticity help make any event memorable. Malcolm offers what many other keynote speakers don’t, several years experience performing as a standup comedian and storyteller. It’s this expertise that gives him flexibility as a speaker, like the ability to navigate unexpected and difficult situations. It also allows him to work with a variety of audiences of various ages and experiences.

Some of the speeches that Malcolm gives are:

Career/ Business Development

“Using the Power of Story on Your Career Path”
A motivational and informative speech targeted to unemployed adults who are looking to return to work in today’s labor market.

Key takeaways: Why knowing your personal narrative is important to your job search, how knowing this will help with job interviews, and how knowing this will ultimately lead to a happier job candidate.

“How Humor Increases Productivity in the Workplace”
Targeted to today’s working professionals, this is an informative speech that talks about the fine line between appropriate and inappropriate humor for the workplace, whether the workplace is remote or in an office.

Key takeaways: Reasons why incorporating humor in the workplace is important, suggestions of ways to add humor to the workplace, appropriate humor vs. inappropriate humor.

“Gold Metal Interviewing”
An informative speech that discusses what most Career Counselors overlook when they advise on job interviewing techniques.

Key Takeaways: Essential communication skills, Elements of a top-notch preparation for a job interview.


“How to Stop Fearing Mistakes and Start Living”
A personal narrative that explores the unexpected beauty of mistakes.

Key takeaways: Mistakes are gifts, mistakes make us better people.

“The Power of Humor”
An informative and inspiring speech that talks about the many uses of humor and how humor saved my life.

Key takeaways: Humor is serious business and is a necessity in business and life.

“Becoming Bully-Proof”
A motivational talk targeted to teens and pre-teens giving them specific tools to use to handle being bullied.

Key takeaways: Self-confidence, anti-bullying tools

Malcolm also offers four hour or eight hour interactive customer service training workshops.

I met Malcolm at the “Resume Writing Essentials “ put on by the San Francisco Public Library. He later offered to help with my employment questions and resume review. Having worked at EDD’s multiple branches, his depth and breath of knowledge in unemployment claims filing, eligibility, and workforce services is extremely valuable in helping me gain EDD insights in today’s challenging employment environment. His genuine interest in serving his target community makes him a great partner to have on your side.

– Cassandra L

A must see!! I hope he comes our way. But would be worth going to Hawaii to see for my Birthday in January!!

– Georga A Linkous-Long

I had a great experience with Aloha Storytelling & Coaching

– Alicia R

Malcolm is a natural born coach. With his kindness, compassion, and great sense of humor, he helped me become more confident and expand my business. Malcolm helped me connect with potential new clients and existing clients in a deeper way, and even helped my confidence in my personal life as well!

– Rita S

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