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Just a quick note to let you know that I'm alive and well. I'm busy writing my next solo show (tentative release date of 2019) and I'm working on a storytelling show I'll be touring next year. I'll be telling with other actors/ storytellers in each city I go to.  So far, I plan on going to the Iao Theater in Maui and somewhere in Honolulu, Oahu. Also I may drop in in Fresno, Atlanta, and Kansas City.
I'm brushing up in smaller storytelling shows locally for instance I'm featured in a show in November in Berkeley (more later). I've also recently recorded my first voice over commercial demo, which can be found in the section titled Malcolm Grissom promo. 
<![CDATA[Me, My Song, and I]]>Wed, 01 Mar 2017 19:58:42 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/me-my-song-and-i7454927
Hey everybody! It's almost here! Rogue Festival 2017 starts tomorrow night with the teaser show. The show is at the Tower Theater, 815 E Olive Avenue from 7-9:30 pm. That's followed by a Meet and Greet with the artists.Then, I'll be performing this weekend and next. For more details, go to the Me, My Song, and I page on this site. I'm looking forward to performing at Mia Cuppa Caffe.  
<![CDATA[Maui Fringe Festival]]>Sat, 21 Jan 2017 21:59:11 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/maui-fringe-festival
I'm having a great time. There are Only seven acts and it's all in The Historic Iao Theater. My show, Me, My Song and I, plays tonight at 9:15 pm and tomorrow at 4:30 pm HST. You can find out more about the show at www.laughingsong.com. 
<![CDATA[Me, My Song, and I]]>Mon, 12 Dec 2016 16:44:31 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/me-my-song-and-i
photo by MTRAN Photography
I will be bringing my show, Me, My Song, and I to Hawaii in January and Fresno in March. Stay tuned for exact show dates.

<![CDATA[Atlanta- Here I come!! ]]>Tue, 31 May 2016 18:15:20 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/atlanta-here-i-come
The Voices Made Me Do It
coming to The Atlanta Fringe Festival
The Mariann
​a @The Wrecking Bar Brewpub,   292 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Thursday, June 9 @ 11 pm       Friday, June 10 @ 8 pm       Saturday, June 11 @ 6:30 pm         Sunday, June 12 @ 2 pm
<![CDATA["The Voices Made Me Do It" Comes to Berkeley]]>Fri, 25 Mar 2016 05:12:27 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/the-voices-made-me-do-it-comes-to-berkeley
“The Voices Made Me Do It” was awarded both producer’s and critic’s choice in the Atlanta Fringe Festival. It was hailed as “one of the best shows” in the Kansas City Fringe Festival. And Grissom has been called a “risk taker” who gives “a  hometown tale worthy of Garrison Keillor — with Bobcat Goldthwait intensity.” You’ll laugh and cry, and may even leave the theater with hope.

On April 15th, 2015, come support The Storytelling Association of California, and enjoy an hour and a half of fascinating storytelling.  Julie Soller and Malcolm Grissom  share personal, funny and touching stories at Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue in Berkeley.  The show starts at 7 pm, and costs $10. Get your tickets at the eventbrite link above. You can also go to www.storysaac.org.
<![CDATA[Free Storytelling Shows]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 23:54:00 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/free-storytelling-showsPicture
So, I've been taking this storytelling class with Corey Rosen at Writing Pad. Corey is currently the host of The Moth. It's been fun. I know Corey from Bay Area Theatresports, and his storytelling methods incorporate improvisation. Now, like the end of most performance workshops, there is a performance. Since I was in two classes, I'm in two performances (with two different stories). The performances, which are free, are Friday, 12/11 and 12/18.  On the 11th, I'll be telling "My Relationship with Cheese", and on the 18th, I'll tell "The Joy of Bombing". 

What: Storytelling showcases
When: 12/11 and 12/18
Where: Thick Description Theater,  1695 18th St., San Francisco, Ca.  94017
Cost: Free                SPACE IS LIMITED

To reserve your seat, go to: http://writingpad.com/publishing-class-in-san-francisco-2/

Also, check this out: http://writingpad.com/storytelling-workshop-in-san-francisco/  And, if you go, tell 'em Malcolm sent ya.


<![CDATA[Poetry for the Soul]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2015 00:09:50 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/poetry-for-the-soulPicture
I loved meeting Kealoha.  Not only cuz he's an artist from Hawaii, but he is a beautiful person.  Here's our interview.  I hope you find it as delightful as I do.

<![CDATA[Introducing My New Favorite Storyteller In The World, Besides Me, Kate Campbell]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 23:53:12 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/introducing-my-new-favorite-storyteller-in-the-world-besides-me-kate-campbellPicture
My interview with Kate was almost as delightful as she.  In this interview, Kate talks about storytelling, singing, growing up during the Civil Rights Era, traveling and the correct way to pronounce Nashville.

<![CDATA[Introducing My New Favorite Storyteller In The Entire World---- Clare Murphy]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 00:13:09 GMThttp://malcolmgrissom.com/latest-news/introducing-my-new-favorite-storyteller-in-the-entire-world-clare-murphyPicture
I was able to talk to Clare fore a half hour.  Not only is she talented and funny, but she is very intelligent. This interview will be helpful not only to the novice storyteller, but to anyone who enjoys the craft of storytelling.